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Biddy is a specially built seasoning for chicken. Biddy makes poor chickens rich in flavor with its perfectly matched spices. The skin on or skin off Biddy brings out a fantastic finished bird everyone loves. Grilled, baked and barbecued this dry rub is your go-to for any fowl you aim to make better. All natural spices specially blended when bought. Biddy also plays well with other cuts of meat, specifically pork.


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Nothing hotter than black pepper. A lot of Texas Butter’s sauce and spices will fall in this range. In the future we look to offer optional heat ranges.

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Biddy is our favorite chicken candy for baked, grilled and BBQ’ed bird. We haven’t tried it on fried but it probably will be fantastic rubbed on meat and/or added to batter. Cooked chicken tastes rich butter like properties where Biddy is applied.

Biddy is a lifer and has been sold to our subscribers who raved about it before we dropped it in the market. Biddy was made for it’s all natural taste and ingredients. We eat our own products and if we don’t know what’s in a seasoning we’re not going to sell it to you. Biddy is blended and bottled by us when you order.


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Reena M

Excellent on baked chicken and David used it with Dawgs Bark on ribs. So peppery good.


Set up a subscription!


Used on chicken last night, looking forward to grilling with this. Thanks Shawn


This is my favorite naked chicken seasoning. Guess why I’m here 😉 Thank you Shawn


Bro, your free shipping says coupon limit is reached. You can’t expect addicts to just up and quit cold turkey!!!! You don’t have to fill mine until mon if you want. Thanks!


Hope ya’ll are ok in #htown! If you need anything we are around and praying for you! No rush we will get it when we get it. 😉 Running out of a couple and needed peace of mind. lol Hang in there Shawn!

Jamie Paterson

Very good!


Anything to do with baked chicken. Hardly noticeable a touch of sweet it goes great with any traditional southern dinners.


Get some that Biddy!