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Taco Dust is a specially mixed blend of spices primarily used for ground meat TexMex tacos. Built in-house, Taco Dust seasoning is your way to provide a quick, wholesome, inexpensive meal. Your crunchy tacos will be flavor overflowing with that Tex-Mex vibe you love. Superb sprinkled over fries, in queso, and it puts a nice spice spin on baked chicken.


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If you like spicy this is our global mouth friendly spicy range. In general Texas Butter’s salsas will start here.

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There is a lot of foods Taco Dust will add pizazz to. It is multi friendly but mainly for 1 pound cooked drained ground beef, then add 1/4 cup Taco Dust (my sweet spot). Lastly add 1 cup water, simmer for 3 minutes and turn off the heat. You can now use the beef mixture in anything from crunchy tacos to queso. Typically one bottle will make 4 of these dinners.

Edit: The amount above gives a great bold Tex Mex taste. Recently we have found 1/4 cup per pound  to be a good measure too. You can go up but not down so we’d recommend start at 1/4th, test then make decisions.

This TexMex spice has a lot of vibrant bold “remember me” spices. Aside from ground beef, Taco Dust can also be used a dry rub or in other dishes to add spice. Sprinkled over foods livens up your taste buds for a yummy experience to the normal everyday side dish. Mixed in sour cream is a great alternative for a party chip dip your guest will gobble up.

Like all of Texas Butter products, Taco Dust is all natural made in Texas by us in-house. Made for you Taco Dust was also created for our families well being too.


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Tammy Myers
Tammy Myers

Love Taco Dust! We use 1/4 to 1 pound beef and it’s perfect. Not too heavy not too light.


💣 dude 💣


MMMM! Hey baby que queso!


My queso test was delicious!