We are no longer selling single bottles due to price hikes in just about everything. Prices to ship continue to go up and also costs more to than what a single bottle cost. Trying to keep our prices the same, one bottle almost takes as much time as is does to produce twenty four. The ROI for one bottle had been shot for a couple years now. Social media also takes up way more time than what it’s worth.

Customers who buy/bought singles your member points are still valid and we’ll honor them on single bottles until at least 2023 or you’ve burned them up. You can buy singles until your points are exhausted. To get points used on single bottles redeemed I’ll need to do it manually. So login and contact me txt/phn via the phone # that will appear at top right or in the menu under “You” if you are on mobile. You can also use the contact page or any email you have of ours.

Other things:

  • With all the spices we are actively looking/testing for a consistent supplier of large shakers we think will work best for you. Not all plastic shakers are as air tight as the other and none of them are. Dry packs, the silica stuff works until you start introducing oxygen then they will expire sooner than you think. They are really for unopened packages. For that we are also bird dogging mylar bags.
  • This site is bigger than normal at about 500 MB. It’s being rebuilt when time permits to get it trimmed down to more like 250 MB so it moves faster.
  • You still don’t have to login to buy but I highly recommend it so we can get a hold of you if needed about your order. We don’t send unsolicited emails.

We appreciate you and working to get more of us on shelves in small shops around your hood.
Have a good one! – Shawn