Benefits Of Joining The Amigos

5% Single Bottles

Right off the bat Joining the Amigos automatically takes 5% off each single bottle purchased. Also works with current running sales.

We Got Stocks!

Stocks are winner points that can be deducted from your cart on single bottle buys. Part of being an Amigo (member) win stocks when you buy, sign up, etc…

Exclusive Deals

Set periodically when we can afford the rush, but when they happen… boom! We’ll shoutout to socials and you can check your account for details.

Rock Bottom Swag

Our price is your price on any of our custom swag. What we pay is what an Amigo pays. Want your name on the shirt? Be an Amigo.

No Spam Here

The only e-mails from us are regarding your order or you ask.  We are lazy with “sales” e-mails. Don’t want’em, won’t get’em, hardly send’em. Spam Policy

Breezy Check Outs

Filling out names, addresses, etc is a pain. Become an Amigo and those problems are streamlined. Aside from the extra savings everything about you is securely kept and in your hands.

Free Ship Friday

Currently still going, no minimums, you order on Friday before 5PM CST it ships free with the code. Being an Amigo you’ll know the code to free shipping!

Best Deals Here

Aside from brick and mortar it’s highly unlikely you’ll find a better price online. We work to grow Texas Butter and the customer is who we work for.

Spin and Win!

Exclusive to Amigo’s, when logged in the spin wheel tab will pop out on your dashboard (bottom right). Good luck!


We Are Made For You

As the owner of this pop stand you are my only concern. As a customer you have direct access to me. I’m here, bet on it. – Shawn

Stocks Spread

Tried to make the stocks more friendly on the eye. It rounds up and should spit out more whole numbers.

You can use stocks on ongoing sales.
Stocks are good for 6 months.

Get Stocks
Sign up 100 stocks immediately redeemable
Site interaction 100 stocks immediately redeemable

Stocks Worth (next time buys)
1 ea bottle buy at $9.50 scores approximately 200 stocks
10 bottles buy at $9.50 scores approximately 950 stocks

On the cart
If you buy 1 bottle you can use 200 stocks = $1 max
If you buy 2 or more bottles you can use 2000 stocks = $10 max

Texas Butter®

We are made for you. We will never let the fruits of success compromise what our customers ingest nor torment our conscious. Bet on it - Shawn


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