No Spam Here

The only e-mails from us are either regarding your money, exclusive sales or new product. Maybe once monthly but more likely bi-monthly.

5% off Cart

This is a revolving code that will be labeled in your dash to use at checkout. It pulls 5% off your entire order plus usable on other sales.

Exclusive Deals

These will be set periodically when we can afford the rush, but when they happen… boom! Check your dash or e-mail for details.

Customer Birthday Swag

Let us know your birthday and we’ll send you some type of gift. Anything from a bottle of your favorite sauce to a Texas Butter t-shirt. You’ll be in our calendar but don’t hesitate to remind. I am a dude…

Breezy Check Outs

Filling out names, addresses, and CC info is a pain. Know that your CC is not view-able by us. Once you submit, the card info it is encrypted into a code, and sent to Stripe ( where they de-crypt and “talk” to your bank.

We Are Made For You

As the owner of this pop stand you are my only concern. If you are already a customer you know you have direct access to me. I’m here, bet on it. – Shawn

Lastly, We Got Nuggies!

Nuggies are reward points. Part of being an Amigo (member) you get points when you buy, sign up, or review. The system auto adds points to your account that you can use to deduct $ from purchases. You can see this tab in your dashboard.