If you like spicy this is our global mouth friendly spicy range. In general Texas Butter’s salsas will start here.

Our current available BBQ sauces are different from each other in their own unique tastes.

Dirtyleg is semi-thick, smooth, and more of a traditional sauce seen on shelves. However, it is unique in it’s ingredients and recipe.

RUST sauce is a Texas honey sweetened BBQ sauce that has a story all on it’s own. RUST is a little chunky (very little), thinner on spoon, and slightly spicy.

Both our BBQ sauces can be used in multiple traditional and not so traditional BBQ recipes/techniques.

Inside Dirtyleg

Tomato | Cane Syrup | Water | Vinegar | Onion | Jalapeno Smoked | Garlic Cloves | Olive Oil | Dried Green Onion | Dried Onion Flakes | Dried Garlic Powder | Tomato Powder | Chili Powder | Paprika | Salt | Pepper | Raw Sugar | Coffee

Inside RUST

Tomato | Honey | Onion | Bell Pepper | Garlic | Jalapeno | Cilantro | Black Pepper | Olive Oil | Salt | Green Onion | Dried Onion Flakes | Dried Garlic Powder

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