If you like spicy this is our global mouth friendly spicy range. In general Texas Butter’s salsas will start here.

Inside RED

Tomato | Jalapeno | Onion | Garlic | Bell Pepper | Salt | Pepper | Olive Oil

Inside Scorched

Tomato | Onion | Bell Pepper | Smoked Jalapeno | Garlic | Cilantro | Vinegar | Olive Oil | Dried Green Onion | Dried Onion Flakes | Dried Garlic Powder | Salt | Pepper

RED is a simple summer fresh salsa filled with the ripest tomatoes. It is a clean restaurant style salsa that brings in the natural flavors of its fresh ingredients.

Scorched is also a salsa but unique in the way it is made. It is a rich hearty salsa perfect for wherever salsa is required. Scorched has a smokey/grilled flavor we’re sure you will fall in love with.

Barbacoa Taco

Baked Cheese Potato

Fajita Sub

Amazing Avocado and Scorched

Filet Mignon

Cheesed Roasted Potatoes

Stuffed Anaheim

Wrapped in Bacon

Texas Butter®

We are made for you. We will never let the fruits of success compromise what our customers ingest nor torment our conscious. Bet on it - Shawn

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