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By purchasing Texas Butter products you are agreeing to simple “Terms” below.

Before you buy it is important you understand Texas Butter’s process from start to the last drop.
Important because your order was made within 24 hours from the time you bought it.

The Sauces:
We guarantee your product/s for the first 10 days you have it. No questions asked. While the “Best by:” is 1 year due to strict sanitization, low pH (4.3 or lower), and kept refrigerated it is not guaranteed 1 year. Do not freeze sauces.

Texas Butter sauces are sold and billed as fresh and should be treated as such.

We are capable of making 1 to 12 bottles in 1 batch that typically takes 1 hour 30 minutes. Our recipes are calculated and built by weight scaling from as low as 300 grams and up, making it virtually impossible to distinguish between a one bottle batch and a multiple bottle batch. The larger the batch the bigger the waste.

Additionally, “waste” is what we keep for a max 3 months for ongoing testing that is linked to your order. There is no inventory of Texas Butter products. We keep this “waste” (never for sale) for testing. Besides monitoring chemical levels, testing is usually to see how much extreme situations a product can take or how it tastes. You may see us testing “waste” on the infamous Texas Butter dinners here and/or socials.

Warning: High outside heat can effect a sauce negatively and make the bottle swell. It’s not an alarm of a deadly situation, it just got too hot too long. If your bottle swells do not eat. See Below Returns

The number 1 reason we use plastic bottles is the quick response of a bottle swelling, it’s a great indicator that something is not right. The 2nd is the reduced shipping you pay.

The Spices:
The same general rules as sauces and for lack of a better word we also bill spice as fresh made on demand. Since spices have a longer retention we do buy in bulk and that usually gets us about 2 weeks before a restock. Spices that come whole are ground on demand. Also, spices that come in flakes may be ground into powder if the recipe calls for it.

All our spices are in vacuum sealed containers and frozen until needed.

We guarantee your product/s for the first 10 days. No questions asked. After 10 days we need to talk to determine what has happened. If you feel there is anything wrong with your order please use the returns function on the site in footer or contact us ASAP.

We may ask you to send us the return back. If so, we will send you a pre-paid USPS label. We ask for returns back sometimes if we’ve already destroyed the “waste”. This will allow us to further test the return’s properties.

Otherwise an image will suffice and if you are a repeat customer just contact us. My straight line is on the dashboard in your account area.

Best by date is only for reference and the minimum average life span of the product unopened kept in a refrigerator. We like the dated because it keeps you from unwanted taste test and it’s unique to our business. A little information about dates via USDA.

Per our business model we realize the costs of business with returns. We are not a company run by arbitrage. You may receive a bottle with 2 front labels or something similar. Even if you don’t plan on returning, it is greatly appreciated if you take the time to let us know “Hey knuckle heads…”. We don’t particularity like screw-ups on our end but are bound to repeat if we don’t know.

Returns or not, we want you satisfied.

Our personal stash:
sauces refrigerated never frozen
spices freezer or refrigerated

Shake and refrigerate! Thank You!!! – Shawn

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