Beef Seasoning “Dawgs Bark”

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Your steak’s best friend Dawgs Bark is designed for seasoning prime cuts of beef. Dawgs Bark brings out the natural flavors of beef that only a true beef lover knows so well. Fresh cracked black pepper still bleeding when Dawgs Bark reaches your door. Our finely tuned beef enhancer makes the natural taste of beef domination stay at the forefront.


100%: 10 Days

Campfire Talk

Dawgs Bark is an excellent bark on prime rib, brisket, roast or any other mass cut you plan on preparing. Made for bringing out the natural flavors, beef smoked briskets turn out they way they are supposed to. This seasoning enhances beef flavors by bringing that all natural taste of beef 1st.

Dawgs Bark uses fresh cracked black pepper and well-preserved turbinado. The black pepper is random sized medium chew and the pieces are still fuming that fresh cracked taste.

We had always used or had Dawgs Bark in our recipe collection and finally we are able to provide it to you. We come from the land that a good cut of beef doesn’t need a coverup. Its magic comes from the beef itself, Dawgs Bark brings that out to the front.

Nothing hotter than black pepper. A lot of Texas Butter’s sauce and spices will fall in this range. In the future we look to offer optional heat ranges.

Salt | Pepper | Garlic | Turbinado Sugar


Weight.50 lbs

3 reviews for Beef Seasoning “Dawgs Bark”

  1. 5 out of 5

    Used on ribs and it’s fantactic not too sugary and a banging crust. You need bigger bottles! jr-

    • I know, probably will get a bag option lined out soon. Cooking teams been railing me for a while. 👊👊👊

  2. 5 out of 5

    THIS # sized! Thanks for the samples biddy is something else. My own wife left mine for it…

  3. 5 out of 5

    Lol! It’s a fun one 👍😊😊🇨🇱

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