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A Cajun seasoning, Texan tinkered, low salt multi-spice packed flawlessly blended with aromatic Cajun spices. Cottonmouth brings on that cajun flavor you love without salt filler.

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You bring the salt and Cottonmouth brings in that magic multi seasoning to beef, chicken, seafood, and game. Never pulled from a shelf, made to order.

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Perfect on scrambled huevos! I think of Cottonmouth as more of an allspice than Cajun.


Used it on your shrimp lasagna recipe! It’s got great heat and not over powering.

Vance Cahill
Vance Cahill

Great on this mornings egg scramble. Can’t wait to try some of those shrimp recipes!


We used it in boiled crab last night too! Then pop corn! lol


Keeps me from overdosing on it. Used on grilled fish last night and it’s perfect. Tks hun


Great on anything! Appreciate you getting out to us on short notice!


Shimps look out. You should call this allspice 😉

Paprika | Garlic | Pepper | Jalapeno | Spices | Bromelain (Pineapple Extract and Salt less than 1%)

If you like spicy this is our global mouth friendly spicy range. In general Texas Butter’s salsas will start here.

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Our Cajun seasoning has a unique blend of the freshest cajun spice and barbecue traditions in mind. Cottonmouth is not salty (at all) and has no sugars added. Built as a Cajun spice packed for meat bling. By eliminating salt our Louisiana seasoning gives you that much more Cajun spices. Great for heart conscious customers.

A simple Cajun/Texan spice that is similar to the types used on grilled shrimp or the shake over fresh boiled crawfish. Not an authentic Cajun or Texan recipe, Cottonmouth is more of Cajun-influenced into Texan style. Medium chew pepper jam-packed with paprika and garlic you can use a little or a lot and not over salt.

Cottonmouth was made originally for being able to add a lot of cajun flavors without worrying about over salting. Heavy salting on a steak may be good but it’s not on scrambled eggs. Cottonmouth allows you to control the salt content.

An all natural meat tenderizer it makes a great choice for rough cuts of meat. The natural meat tenderizer in Cottonmouth is Bromelain which is an enzyme from in the pineapple.


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