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Texas made on demand Smoked jalapeno hot sauce . Made for the BBQ smoke lover this hot sauce has the aroma of a well-seasoned barbecue pit. The Smoked hot sauce recipe is similar to our Original but smoked in a unique proprietary smoking process unlike chipotle.

Our “medium hot”, hot sauce is or can be pretty spicy to an average spicy lover. These hot sauces wont make you cry but can get some peoples attention. Typically our jalapeno based hot sauces start here.

All Smoked/Original Recipes HERE

Smoked/Original Random 6 Recipes Below

One of my favs and alternative to nachos are these versatile little morsels of love. This recipe takes some planning
My bud Corkey made me these one day, and it instantly turned into my favorite hot dog.
Texas Butter Recipe American hamburger
This is a typical hamburger pan fried with Smoked on top to bring the outside in.
Texas Butter Recipe Mini Double Bacon Cheese Burgers
Sort of a slider but more like just a mini cheeseburger. These burgers were packed with onions rendered down so
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Smoked is good on burgers, guacamole, fried chicken, breakfast and of course tacos. Smoked was made to fill the need for outdoor grilling when mother nature wasn’t allowing it. Once you catch your first smell of Smoked we’re sure you will soon taste the BBQ love we intended this sauce to be.

Because of our smoking process, Smoked is a little thinner than Original. It is nowhere near a chipotle or liquid smoke type flavor. It is a jalapeno hot sauce with a mesquite wood flavor. Very close to the aroma of outdoor cooking or of the smells of a BBQ cook-off.

Whatever food you find fit for jalapeno hot sauce Smoked brings that earthy outdoor cooking inside any time of the year. Rain or shine we will make when you buy. Try a little bit of Smoked mixed in the next dip you make.

Mesquite Smoked Jalapeno | Water | Vinegar | Onion | Garlic | Salt | Pepper | Spices | Olive Oil


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