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Uglyade is a multi marinade that also provides a nice service to your salad. Made from 100% Texas Olive oil and fresh all natural plant picked parts this marinade is a “meat soak”

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meaning you’ll need some pre-soak time. The red wine vinegar and rich olive oil are mixed to a perfect combination that gives you a bold but not overpowering finished entree.


100%: 10 Days

Red Wine Vinegar | Olive Oil | Pepper | Salt | Garlic Clove | Mesquite Smoked Jalapeno | Nutritional Yeast | Onion Powder | Onion Salt | Sage | Marjoram | Dried Parsley | Dried Oregano | Garlic Salt | Celery Salt | Paprika | Jalapeno Powder | Savory | Spices

If you like spicy this is our global mouth friendly spicy range. In general Texas Butter’s salsas will start here.

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Uglyade is a lot like a house salad dressing but not one you have ever had. It has quite a bit of all natural ingredients that join in a perfect balance. The rich olive oil, fresh garlic and slightly smoky flavor are a must taste for anyone.

This marinade is light on meat but strong on salad meaning, you could soak a steak for hours and not overpower the natural meat flavors. On the other hand a salad, it doesn’t take much of a coating to taste the wonderful flavors of Uglyade.
Sometimes we use Uglyade in combination with dry spices but it is not necessary. Initially built Uglyade for a wet fajita marinade till a friend tasted it and drizzled it over his salad.  Next thing ya know I was doing the same.


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I haven’t used as a marinade yet but awesome over cucumber salad!

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