Irish Salsa

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Irish Salsa has rich almost butter like properties. A creamy warm avocado sauce, Irish Salsa is universal in avocado acceptable foods. The mix of fresh avocados, tomatillos and ingredients are cooked and blended at the time of your order. Irish Salsa is seasonal and generally available in summer months.

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Avocado | Jalapeno | Onion | Garlic | Tomatillo | Lime | Salt | Pepper | Olive Oil

Nothing hotter than black pepper. A lot of Texas Butter’s sauce and spices will fall in this range. In the future we look to offer optional heat ranges.

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Use оn breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Typical uses are drizzled оvеr scrambled eggs, a condiment to burgers and the like. Fantastic option tо drizzle over grilled veggies.

Irish Salsa’s original use was as an extra salsa for corn chips. To this day it is what we mostly see people using it on. You will adore the rich flavors on your first chip and it will not likely be your last.

Irish Salsa is seasonal and the particular season of an avocado or tomatillo can make it not available for any given year. Since we use all naturally made today products it’s hard to promise this salsa’s availability.


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