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Texas Butter’s twist on this BBQ sauce recipe Dirtyleg is medium thick sweetened with 100% pure cane syrup right out the south. Dirtyleg is slightly spicy and perfect condiment on pork | chicken | beef.

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It tends to sit on top instead of soaking in. A true BBQ sauce built from the ground up every time it’s ordered. You will love its homemade taste.


If you like spicy this is our global mouth friendly spicy range. In general Texas Butter’s salsas will start here.

Dirtyleg Random Recipes Below

I built a little different potato salad than what’s normal around here. This is a wetter salad and doesn’t contain
Usually I’ll do briskets at 245 degrees ozone target temp. That attitude will turn out a great brisket more along
Not a fan of Meatloaf because most my previous attempts at getting that perfect Meatloaf as a child that was
Texas Butter Recipe Dirtyleg Brisket Sausage Sandwich
This was part of a leftover brisket I smoked to make an awesome brisket sausage combo. If you don’t have
Texas Butter smoked brisket
For this smoked brisket, I cut it in half for 2 pieces short ways, finished at two different times. So
Made some bacon wrapped shrimp with cheese then was asked to write it up.  If you notice in the pic
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More Info

Use this BBQ sauce to dip or late basting on your BBQ just before you pull the meat from the grill. A fresh tomato homemade taste comes through with bold flavor. The barbecue sauce is reduced to a perfect thickness in order to get its slow-cooked soul taste. It’s not a sticky BBQ sauce, I’d say Dirtyleg is between Memphis and Kansas City style with a splash of Texas.

The name Dirtyleg came from a night of testing with a friend. I dripped the BBQ sauce on a white plate and tilted it to check the sauce’s thickness.  Then she said, “that’s dirty legs”. Most of our goofy names on products come from life experience.

Dirtyleg was initially made to keep from buying processed products built to last forever. Our focus is a product built with you in mind that taste so good it wouldn’t last forever. Picked vine ripe and made when you buy.

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Weight .50 lbs
Dimensions N/A
Heat Control

Original Heat, Orig. Heat -1/2, Orig. Heat x2