Pepper Bee

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Pepper Bee is a clear honey sauce recipe made for dipping and glazing after grilling. We use native tasty Texas honey and build on that to make your favorite wicked sauce. Newly released Pepper Bee is thin, sweet, jalapeno and garlic infused honey sauce fresh out the bees Texan loins.


100%: 10 Days

If you like spicy this is our global mouth friendly spicy range. In general Texas Butter’s salsas will start here.

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More Info

It is a unique sauce that fills your mouth with sweet then quickly turns your saliva glands on high to wash away and make room for the flavors of garlic and jalapeno.

Great on biscuits and leans towards white meat anything. Grilled pork and chicken it is great! Heat will make it thin out so Pepper Bee is better suited as a dip or poured over after the cooking.

Pepper Bee is a seasonal sauce mainly because Texas bees don’t work year round. Our honey supplier does all they can to provide year-round honey but mother nature will make the call.

Honey | Vinegar | Smoked Jalapeno | Garlic | Jalapeno | Salt | Spices | Arrowroot (thickener)


Weight.50 lbs