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Meet our honey barbecue sauce RUST. It’s got a sweet tangy tomato flavor and just enough spice to bring your grilling skills to another level.

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RUST works fantastic for you as a regular ole’ BBQ sauce, finisher, glaze, meat dip, and great mopped when smoking meats. RUST uses Texas honey, fresh tomatoes, garlic, onions, and spices. Texas Butter is about as close to homemade, just shy of us making sauces in your kitchen. Made in Texas by us the day you order.


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Becky G
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I love the sweet honey, spicy, garlic flavor.

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Great on slow cooked ribs.


Can we split two different addresses?

Lon Mcavoy
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Great sauce! Bought Rust several times now and I feel I have to order x6 or alert my supermarket to carry it.

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Great on grilled chops! 110%

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Everything I want in a bbq sauce. Almost like a Carolina? Big winner bro!!!

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I use this on all things pork and fire. Night and day flavors from Dirtyleg. Great honey brew. Get that hot sauce up!

Tomato | Water | Honey | Onion | Bell Pepper | Garlic | Jalapeno | Cilantro | Olive Oil | Green Onion | Onion Flakes | Garlic Powder | Spices | Black Pepper | Salt

If you like spicy this is our global mouth friendly spicy range. In general Texas Butter’s salsas will start here.

More Info

This barbecue sauce is thin on the spoon and works in multiple recipes but built for smoked pork. Our honey barbecue sauce makes is an excellent sauce for all your grilling adventures. Slightly sweet tomato, and spicy all mixed into a BBQ blend that has been tested on different kinds of meat. It is especially great used to mop on smoking poultry and pork.

Developed at Texas Butter RUST is versatile and burnt orange in color which is where the name comes from. A fantastic use for the sauce is to apply to pork or chicken at the end of grilling. Check out our recipes to see this one of a kind barbecue sauce in action.


Weight.50 lbs
Heat Control

Original Heat, Orig. Heat -1/2, Orig. Heat x2

RUST Random Recipes Below

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This is a pulled pork sandwich made with our seasoning Biddy and soaked in RUST. Topped with a simple blue
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