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It wont come from here.

We recently made the site simpler to join the Amigos member area by putting more links throughout the site, easy to fill, and go.
Buying product at Texas Butter does not opt you in for periodic promo emails. If you bought product there was a empty box to check off asking if you want to join.
Couple of 4 changes for “easy street” to lesson the burden on you and me.
  • Comments are only made by Amigos (members). You make a comment you became an Amigo.
  • Playing Spin-n-Win turns you into an Amigo.
  • TB used to have 4 ways to join the Amigos not including social logins. All 4 have been funneled to 1 except for buying customers who have a choice at checkout.
  • If you bought or commented before the whole Amigo thing started the emails will match/link on your return. The system will ask if your not an Amigo.

Currently “sale” emails from us are far and none. When we start them as part of the routine they will be monthly and worth it.

If you ever get an unwanted email please unsubscribe.

You trusted us with your email and we will protect it. Unsolicited emails is not our game.

Any ideas we are all ears! See yall! – Shawn

“Contact us” form is gone…

from the front end because the spam is not worth the hassle of constant bot gibberish. If we put Google’s ReCaptcha on it your info is scrape from a 3rd party (Google). Exactly what we avoid with your info in mind, data scraping.

If you buy as a guest you will have all my direct contact info in your auto e-mail from us. If you have a question join the site and you’ll easily have access to me. Promise we wont spam or save your data 😉 Thanks Shawn

PS Even the phone# in footer is spammed no less than 20 times a day. It’s all fixing to get pulled from the site.

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