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Merry Christmas!!!

Win Bigly + Become an Amigo!

Feeling lucky? 🍀 Give it a spin my friend!
  • One spin allowed.
  • Coupon has 15 day retention.
  • Use now or register 1st for Amigo discounts too!
  • We don't allow any monkey business.
  • Official Rules

Pretty simple rules to clear up in case you have any questions and want to do it without human contact.

In short if you spin the wheel you will become an Amigo (member) and you have a chance to win 8 to 1.

  • One spin per Amigo or user. When I figure out how to add 2 wheels I’ll make one for Amigos.
  • The codes are valid for 15 days then voided.
  • You’re not an Amigo instantly once you spin. Every night I go in and throw out the junk/spam and link valid submissions to the Amigos.
  • It is important you submit a valid email and personal or user name.
  • To get more bang for your buck the best way is to register HERE first then spin the wheel. That way you get the auto Amigo discount plus whatever you win on the wheel instantly. No waiting for us to manually set your Amigo account.
  • Make sure to remember or keep e-mail with coupon code if you are coming back later.
  • If something aint right please don’t hesitate to get a hold of us.
  • We made this so both of us could have a little fun. Any f**kery detected is not tolerated.

Prize explanations in order

  1. Free Shipping is just that. Use the code and it should zero out your cart. Over $150 is auto free ship already.
  2. 20% Off pulls 20 percent off your carts total.
  3. 50% Off pulls 50 percent off your carts maximum $50.00 total. (max worth $25.00)
  4. Free Hat is this one in any shade HERE. To get: order the hat like you were going to buy it and at end of  the checkout form for payment method select “Pre-Planned” instead of credit card. Then place order and we’ll take care of the rest.
  5. Nope means no prize.
  6. 10% Off pulls 10 percent off your carts total.
  7. 5% Off pulls 5 percent off your carts total.
  8. $10.00 Off pulls $10.00 off your carts total.

Current Amigos you are more than welcome to give it a spin!!!

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