Pretty simple rules to clear up in case you have any questions and want answers without human contact.

To spin you have to be an Amigo (you’re already one) .

The spin wheel will only show up on Amigos dashboard. Bottom right tab should slide in.

Amigos also get reduced product automatically and many more benefits outlined here.

Anywhere you see login, sign up, or the like we have made it easy to do!

  • One spin per Amigo or user.
  • User, spin resets in 3 months or purchase.
  • Amigos, spin resets after purchase.
  • The codes are valid for 15 days then voided.
  • Every night I go in and throw out the junk/spam and whitelist valid submissions.
  • It is important you submit a valid email (this) and personal or a user name.
  • Make sure to remember or keep e-mail with coupon code if you are coming back later.
  • Other running coupons should work.
  • If something aint right please don’t hesitate to get a hold of us.
  • We made this so both of us could have a little fun. Please don’t cheat the system. We won’t honor anyone creating fckery.
  • Good luck loosing with the current wheel’s setting!

Prize explanations in order

  1. Free Shipping is just that. Use the code and it should zero out your cart. Over $150 is auto free ship already.
  2. 20% Off pulls 20 percent off your carts total.
  3. 50% Off pulls 50 percent off your carts maximum $50.00 total. (max worth $25.00)
  4. Free Shirt is this one in any color or size HERE. To get: Your unique coupon code should appear at bottom of page and e-mailed. Load the shirt in cart, go to checkout, insert/apply coupon, add your shipping info and click checkout. If only the shirt is in cart the payment form (credit card info) shouldn’t appear.
  5. 15% Off pulls 15 percent off your carts total.
  6. 10% Off pulls 10 percent off your carts total.
  7. 5% Off pulls 5 percent off your carts total.
  8. $10.00 Off pulls $10.00 off your carts total.

Current Amigos you are more than welcome to give it a spin!!!

“Contact us” form is gone…

and has moved to HERE. or linked in footer.


Codeless Discounts

  • Original $9.00$182.40
  • Texas Butter BBQ Sauce Dirtyleg $9.00$182.40
  • Texas Butter Chicken Seasoning Biddy Biddy $9.00$182.40

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