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Our process of getting you fresh or just cracked products.

Our 1st concern is getting your order ready for shipping within 24 hours. If we are running outside of 24 hours we’ll let you know ahead of time.

TB typically makes 2-3 trips a day for produce within a 9 to 5PM frame. Produce picked at morning and noon are almost always cooked and bottled that day. Produce picked up on our last run will likely get prepped as much as possible and ready to cook the next morning.

USPS Shipping is usually only dropped twice a day to USA addresses, 9 AM and if we can be there before 1PM.  This is pretty loose times when the post office isn’t over worked (not the holidays). From our experience if we drop off after 2PM orders will sit or stall for a good 12 hours in the packages 1st few steps of getting out of Houston. To avoid “sitting” we have a refrigerator dedicated for outgoing orders and will hold them safely until the 9AM drop. Our last drop for the week is Saturday 10AM (this changes to Fri 11AM during holidays) and orders ready to ship after that are held refrigerated until the next Monday 9AM.

Our average 3-5 day door to door greatly depends on USPS’s ability. We are very comfortable 3-4 day average because that’s what it’s been. Remote low populated locations not close to a major hub (about 30 miles out) will almost guarantee 5 to 7 day delivery.

Texas fam, your orders are usually quicker than a jackalope but we often loose sight in tracking city to city and especially city in city. Most Texas orders are driven not flown so they don’t change vehicles a lot where as flights will cause scans at multiple spots.

Canada, sorry we (Texas Butter) are/is not allowed to ship to you anymore. As a friend you can contact me.

Rest assured we watch out for your order persistently .

Every box Amazon ships gets priority over all mail and an average $1.46 subsidy from your taxes. Sometimes, mostly during the holidays our shipments will get pushed to next day when Amazon is involved. Article to support that claim    Not to be pissy (I am)… 😂 Pound for pound USPS has the best all around results in speed, price, and delivering squared boxes.

All of this requires us to forethought what’s on board and making best reaction to expedite your order no matter what’s been ordered. It’s not uncommon for us to break the routines above in order to prevent back-orders. We will keep you updated throughout the process.

We take orders 24/7
Backside of the company is working 7AM to 1AM almost daily.
Questions are fielded from 9AM to 10PM

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