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We are the makers of fresh sauce and spices made for you.

Made in Texas by Texas Butter the day you order. Fresh cooked, fresh cracked, and fresh packed. About as close as we can get to making Texas Butter in your kitchen. Average door to door 4 days.


Honey or Deep


Regular Jalap or Lead in Pencil Haban


Rich and Hearty!


Cow Sow Fowl

Dawgs Bark’s in here 😉

The four colored dots represent the average in that heat range.

The “heat” can vary slightly within its range.


Nothing hotter than black pepper. A lot of Texas Butter’s sauce and spices will fall in this range. In the future we look to offer optional heat ranges.


If you like spicy this is our global mouth friendly spicy range. In general Texas Butter’s salsas will start here.

Med High

Our “medium hot”, hot sauce is or can be pretty spicy to an average spicy lover. These hot sauces wont make you cry but can get some peoples attention. Typically our jalapeno based hot sauces start here.

Hot Hot

Texas Butter’s hottest hot sauce is habanero based Gringo Furioso. It is quick fire hot and the only one we have this hot. Our habanero lovers love this hot sauce. We dread quality control… it’s hawt!

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