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Singapore Noodles The Oriental Gourmet Way

I used to get Singapore noodles at a buffet for years when I lived at my other place but, The Oriental Gourmet closed and I was left in the cold. This recipe was made to match OG’s way. I do not know the official way to sling Singapore noodles, but the results from this recipe are spot on with my buffett favorite therefore providing you with a quick, simply delicious Asian style meal.

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Spanish Flies

Pretty good, If you notice in the pic I left the heads and tails on. Next time the heads and tails gotta go. I don’t care how pretty it is because it’s a not pretty getting them off at the end. Anyways, these Spanish Flies are based on next time without heads or tails.

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Back to The Briskets of Love

This is the way I bang out briskets. There’s so many smoked brisket recipes I just stick to what I know tastes good when guests are involved. This probably isn’t competition legal but it’s the law at Texas Butter. Back in the day a pitmasters thermometer was his hand a his proof of concept was the line waiting to get some. A pitmaster didn’t know he was one and

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Beefy Swiss Cheese Melt

All crappy cut beef lovers of the low and slow burn do it how they do it, different from you. Just think of the different appliances used to cook these thangs. You can keep an oven’s temperature under control pretty easy but when you step into a 1000 gallon pit it’s a different set of rules mostly paying attention for the long haul. So this is a good guide

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Tater Tot Casserole

Tater casserole that turned out pretty good. You could twist it to your taste if ya want. I was gonna use Scorched in the queso but when you get my age you’ll find you don’t get or remember what you wanted.

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Steak Diablo

One of our premier spots in Houston to get decadent unchallenged fajitas is Pappasito’s. I don’t know how they do it but I always aim for that bar when making relations with a fajita. Anyways, before I jabber about my history of the gadamn fajita, they were always

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Texas Butter Beans

Excellent Texas Butter Bean recipe I’m sure you’ll love. There’s no Texas magical ingredient making a butter bean a “Texas butter bean”. Dry bean recipes in Texas kind of lay along the lines of gumbo meaning use whatcha got. Ever heard “everything is bigger in Texas”?

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These Chikaroni’s also came out tender, easy, and great. I IMO’ed it a 3 because I feel like others might like it more than me and it was very easy/quick. That chicken breast tho.

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Charlie’s Baked

Just a little note because I have nothing entertaining to say, nothing I buy has the words fat free. However, I will buy real olive oil over vegetable oil. Around here a product is bought with the least amount of scientist involved as possible. Although this particular recipe is better on the ass it’s products were bought for pure.

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Granny’s Cabbage Taquitos

Long time ago one of my elder customers used to call me early in the morning to let me know to stop by at lunch. She’d always have me Tupperware packed with the “surprise” lunch ranging from chicken wings to cabbage rolls.

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This is a side dish or dip that is tweakable til ya can’t tweak no more. Full of textures and flavor I decided it needed it’s own home. That and it’s going to Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow. The only thing I veered from my original recipe is the type of onion used. Normally I use purple for color and taste but at this time of year they are about like a blazing

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Penne Lover

My Great Grandmother proly wouldn’t approve a lot of my italian recipes because I jam them with cheese and garlic. Quick and semi-cheap I cooked this one in a deep pan with smaller…

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Texas Butter’s Turkeygasim

The 1st fried turkey I ever had I thought was the best turkey I ever had. This way flips that fry trick and this is easily done in the oven if you are smoker deficient. Not ready for the cranberry influx I decided to do a primer with Jesus seeds you see there.

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Texan Swedish Meatballs

Don’t know what’s in a true Swedish meatball but I’m filing them under Swede. The gravy is pretty close to Swedish, I think… If you’re Texan and got outa state guest yer gonna have to pull out the Texas pasta or it’s Texas pride abuse. State Law

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Dorita Pie

Pretty close to number one for slop food. Enough so I’m going to attempt to get this one up tonight without screwing up the site. This is a branch off King Ranch Chicken a TexMex dish that I’ve seen morphed into

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Smoked Sow Shoulder

Been playing around with smoking pork (mostly ribs) different ways for testing product and to beat on chest, at home, alone… My chest hurts. This is a loooong smoke on my DIY electric smoker because it’s so nerded out

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Pigtail Pasta Shrimped

Sort of a kitchen sink dinner it turned out better than expected. It’s a cross of Alfredo sauce and regular ole garlic butter sauce, but you won’t have much sauce at all when done. Small pot, large pan, and a plate yer good to go.

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Steak -n- Cheddar Sliders

Really good steak sliders with just a few basic ingredients one being some excellent cheese. Next to it was a thick cut shredded cheddar by Tillamook. I’ve had it before but never realized how much better it is among the affordable cheese section.

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Taco Dogs

These taco dogs were fantastic and similar to some dogs made a few weeks ago. Didn’t use our suggested amount of Taco Dust which confirmed the minimum amount suggested for one pound of beef is ¼ cup. Either way it’s gonna be messy cause queso ain’t containable.

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Flat Iron Meat Roses

Flat iron steak cut into strips rolled into roses and baked. Made some cilantro chum to spread within the roses. Depending on mood virtually any sauce will work. Warning from experience this is not an option for a traditional rose giving event, it is a supplement…

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Mahgahsagna – Mangia Mangia Lasagna

This is a less complex lasagna `that’s a little pricey but makes a lot. This is one of my 1st recipes when I moved outa Mama’s house and had, had enough of fast food. I’m trying to write this after eating that. Simple burn out below from my barely legible notes below.

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Oven Ribs and Cheddar Mash

I do ribs all kinds of ways via homemade electric smoker, charcoal grill slow smoke, a true smoker, and the oven. Mostly I only do “low-n-slow”, there are several techniques to smoking but in the long run low-n-slow is baking. Anyways, I’m rambling.

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Swissed Bacon Shroom Sliders

These sliders came out great especially since my grocer picked up a box or three of sweet rolls. Sweet rolls are popular around the holidays because they make the best gravy sopper-uppers… I cooked the patty a little different than usual by

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St Patties Day Green Tacos

I dig the flat bottom tacos because I never have to buy or clean a taco stand. It was St. Patty’s day and I noticed a display of glorious green corn tortillas ripe for the pickin. The insides of these tacos aren’t all that pretty but pretty dang good especially with the weak queso drizzled over the meat.

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Nachos El Grande

These nachos beat any drive through and the big plus was they weren’t soggy from a drive home. For the meat and cheese part I made sort of a thick queso that was mixed 1 TexMex taco meat and .50 Velveeta cheese. It played a big part in my h*ll yeah moment. It’s been extra busy

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Meatball Poboy

I saw a Subway commercial and in my quest to not frequent fast food I created this typical meatball sub. It was also a good time for me to test Uglyade in the weird spots I like a vinegary twang. The meatballs are a little different than what my Grandmother made but pretty good and a nice twist

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Grilled Chicken Tendies and Mango

Simple grilled chicken tenderloins made for a couple test but the result turned out perfect. This is the early days of Dawgs Bark before it was named and our ready for release Pepper Bee which is a spicy honey sauce. Pepper Bee is an unusual sauce and we were looking for perfect pairings.

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Carnitas Biscuits

More testing with Pepper Bee I decided to use up a can of biscuits waiting for me to use. The meat is carnitas or typically called pulled pork when you live north of the dirty south. We baked these but you could use a slow cooker or even stovetop on low. I like to bake because I cut the pork in pieces and flip while baking. This will produce the brown crispy sides I remember at a punk.

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Fajita Tacos

Losing time, short on supplies, and not interested in going to the grocery was the inspiration for this simple taco dinner. Just grilled fajitas, homemade tortillas, cheese and a shot of Irish Salsa. Irish Salsa is our problem child

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Chicken Lettuce Tacos

These tacos had a very fresh taste with simple ingredients and very easy to make. This was done in the early days of Uglyade as I was beginning to realize Uglyade is not only a marinade but a great salad dressing too.

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Crock pot Pork Roast

For whatever reason I once again picked up a white meat pork roast thinking I could smoke it into greatness. That didn’t happen but in an effort to not waste, I pulled pork apart and simmered it in RUST for an hour. From dry to alright, alright, alright…

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