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Mahgahsagna - Lasagna

Instagram #txbut048


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Mahgahsagna - Lasagna

This is a less complex lasagna `that’s a little pricey but makes a lot. This is one of my 1st recipes when I moved outa Mama’s house and had, had enough of fast food. Used one of those large tin throw away pans with about 4 inch high walls. A Pyrex would work but you would need a couple three of them. Not much work on this one except paying attention to the timer. Note this is two pieces stacked for instagram. One piece is more than enough (even for me) and my pan netted 30 pieces at 2 ½ - 3 inches high. If you were to use a smaller pan than me expect the finished lasagna to be higher. I’m trying to write this after eating that. Simple burn out below from my barely legible notes below.

  • 3 jar of Prego Three Cheese
  • 8 cups mozzarella shredded cheese 2 lg bags
  • 1 cup parmigiano
  • 2 boxes noodles no boil
  • 1 pound cottage cheese Smaller one
  • 30 ounces ricotta cheese
  • 2 eggs
  • 2 pounds ground beef
  • 1 pound ground italian sausage. You may have to buy links and take casing off.
  • 1 deep pan
Let's Do It!!!
  1. Yer gonna to need bigger stuff to make this one than just a large bowl. More like a salad bowl…
  2. In a big medium heat pan drop in the ground beef and italian sausage, and. Dash of salt. No “italian spices”. The sausage does enough.
  3. Cook until brown and put in large strainer in sink to drain fat.
  4. Preheat oven to 350
  5. Whisk up the eggs like you're making breakfast.
  6. In a large bowl drop in ricotta, cottage cheese, and eggs. Mix with large spoon as good as you can.
  7. Put the drained meat in a bowl with one jar of Prego. Mix well
  8. Cover bottom of pan with sauce.
  9. Add layer of noodles.
  10. Add meat mixture.
  11. Add about 2 cups of mozzarella. (cover meat mixture pretty good).
  12. Add another layer of noodles.
  13. Add some sauce to cover noodles.
  14. Add ricotta cheese mixtures.
  15. Add last layer of noodles.
  16. Add last layer of sauce. (should have run out).
  17. Add rest of mozzarella and the parmigiano.
  18. Bake at 350 covered with aluminum foil for 45 minutes.
  19. Pull aluminum foil and bake for 15 more minutes uncovered.
  20. Pull and let cool.
  21. To me the best lasagna is the next day.
  22. You want to cut it when it is pretty cool if eating that moment. This will let stuff set and make it easier to cut and serve.
  23. Mangia Mangia!!!


About The Recipes:

Hay yall! Don’t be afraid to adjust ingredients to your taste. None of these recipes came from a written measured recipe. They are made and noted on the fly. If you don't have any Texas Butter I guess we'll overlook it if you use what's in your pantry. Be sure to ask how something turned out or you have questions. Expect grammar errors, these are not checked much. Well, in general I can't spell worth a crap. Will hashtag recipes that match a search here and the same hashtag in the Instagram's image comments. Hashtags will look something like #txbut001. In a nut shell these are made for:

  • Product testing
  • Requested site feature
  • Speed and cost matter
  • We eat our own dog food
  • Ideas for products
  • Shawn gots hungry
  • Couple three birds, one stone...

Thanks - Shawn


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